Define, manage and take action on applications in a Kubernetes® environment without leaving legacy applications behind!

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Cloud Native and Beyond

Designed to provide quick inspection, issue determination, and error resolution, the Kubernetes Application Navigator (kAppNav) compliments the Kubernetes® console by enabling robust management of the deployed resources that comprise an application.
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kAppNav uses the Application Custom Resource Definition (CRD) from the Kubernetes Application SIG as the basis for describing the applications.

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Packaged with Kabanero, kAppNav is a centralized view of applications, deployed resources, and robust actions for error remediation. Learn more at

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Custom resource definitions ensure that legacy application status and end-points are visible in Kubernetes, alongside traditional cloud-native applications.


Day 2 operations and long term application management are enabled through pre-configured and customizable component specific actions.


Use labels, expressions and kinds to configure applications, automatically organizing them to make operational tasks easier.

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